SNZ AS/NZS 4509.1

SNZ AS/NZS 4509.1

2009 Edition, December 21, 2009

Stand-alone power systems Part 1: Safety and installation


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This Standard sets out safety and installation requirements for stand-alone power systems used for the supply of extra-low (ELV) and/or low voltage (LV) electric power to a single load, or an electrical installation in a single residence or building, or a group of residences or buildings and associated items with switchboards to AS/NZS 3000 requirements.

This Standard covers—

(a) equipment up to, and including, the output of the stand-alone power system (i.e. the point of supply—see the definition in Clause 1.4.12); and

(b) direct connection of a stand-alone power system to—

(i) a single load (e.g. a water pump);

(ii) a single electrical installation (e.g. a residence); or

(iii) a group of independent electrical installations (e.g. a number of separate residences and/or buildings).

This Standard includes minimum rating and over-current protection requirements for the consumers mains and earthing arrangements.

NOTE: The connection from the output of the stand-alone power system to the electrical installation is regarded as the consumers mains (see AS/NZS 3000).

This Standard, with additional safety requirements, shall be applied to systems with energy storage at LV

System design considerations are detailed in AS 4509.2.

NOTE: System maintenance matters are considered in Appendix A.

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