SNZ AS/NZS 4645.1

SNZ AS/NZS 4645.1

2018 Edition, February 28, 2018

Gas distribution networks Part 1: Network management

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This Standard specifies the requirements for safe, reliable and sustainable management of gas distribution networks operating at less than or equal to 1050 kPa that reticulate gas to consumers. 

Appendix A lists the additional requirements for elements of a gas distribution network with a MAOP greater than 1050 kPa as allowed in New Zealand and by legislation in some states of Australia. 

The requirements apply to the lifecycle of new gas distribution networks or new assets introduced where existing gas distribution networks are modified or augmented. The Sections on operations, maintenance, repair, decommissioning, gas quality and risk assessment may be suitable for application to existing assets in existing gas distribution networks. 

Gas distribution networks within the Scope of this Standard comprise all facilities between— 

(a) the outlets of all city gates, supply points or their equivalent or for an LP Gas distribution network, the point of exit of the LP Gas feeder plant; and 

(b) the outlet of the consumer’s meter assemblies,

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